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Summary Text:

The Return: A documentary about being young and Jewish in Poland

How do you build your identity when your past has been stripped away? With no access to their heritage, four women are forging a new sense of self. In the country that was once the epicenter of the Jewish world, and now regarded as “the Jewish graveyard,” they are figuring out how to be Jewish in today’s Poland.


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The Return logo tnThe Return logo (white)
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The Return Adam Zucker tnAdam Zucker, Director, Producer & Editor
The Return Katka with title tnKatka with film title
The Return KatkaKatka
The Return Jewish figurines tnJewish figurines for sale in Warsaw
The Return Kasia Krakow tnKasia in Krakow
The Return Kasia Warsaw demonstration tnKasia in Warsaw
The Return Maria wedding 1 tnMaria at her wedding
The Return Maria wedding 2 tnMaria's wedding
The Return Tusia 1 tnTusia
The Return Tusia 2 tnTusia
The Return dance class tnDance class, Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow
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